Medicare General Enrollment SEP July 1st

Starting April 1st and until June 31st beneficiaries that enrolled into Medicare during the General Enrollment Period (Jan. 1st to Mar. 31st) will have an opportunity to Enroll into an MAPD plan to to be effective July 1st. Every year there is a number of individual that will go through this process and it’s important that they don’t miss their MAPD enrollment deadline. 

After June 31st the SEP for these beneficiaries closes and they will not be able to enroll into an MAPD plan until the Annual Enrollment Period. Unfortunately many learn this deadline the hard way, they believe the SEP extends an additional three months. It’s not until they receive an application denial that they realize their mistake and at this point it’s too late. 

So don’t let this happen to you or your clients. Submit enrollments before July 1st.

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